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Pixie Cut and Forelock

Here we find a gamine pixie cut with an asymmetrically-styled forelock. The sides, crown and nape areas are contour-cut to cling to the scalp and create a sculpted cap of golden hair. The shorter lengths are likely textured with a point-cutting technique to create a more feathered look, while the forelock is softened with a razor-tool to create the wispy effect seen here.

A blow-out is the primary styling technique with the forelock kept somewhat damp and malleable to prevent fluffiness. The addition of smoothing serum to the fingertips can then be used to rake through the hair and create defined strands and control fly-away strands.
In spite of the short length, the hairstyle is versatile and can be dressed into a chic pompadour for an androgynous Greta Garbo look, or the sleek sweep of the 20s Flapper complete with pin-curl accents.
Collection: Aura
Hairstyle: Ad & Jane Peters
Styling: Jane Peters
Make-up: Mettina Jager
Photography: Govert de Roos
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