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Veiled Side of the Face

The corn-silk strands shimmer with healthy vibrancy in this deeply-textured asymmetrical short bob. The fringe area is curved downward to veil the right side of the face and carefully feathered with a razor tool to create a gentle upturn in the ends of the hair.
The right side tapers to a point below the chin and is styled to form a petal shape that turns outward from the face. This is echoed in a shorter length by the left side of the style.

Styling involves a smooth blow-out with a round brush to create softly-feathering bends in the hair while maintaining the satiny-smooth finish. The hairstyle may not be suited to an ultra-conservative corporate environment, but can be adapted to a more modest look as well as being dressed up to suit even the most dramatic gala event.
Collection: Aura
Hairstyle: Ad & Jane Peters
Styling: Jane Peters
Make-up: Mettina Jager
Photography: Govert de Roos
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