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The art of cutting hair becomes tangible with this cut from Farouk's Ambience collection. The hair was cut in layers and built up three dimensional. Shorter, extremely smooth layers build up solid volume and they are toped with longer, sleek sheets that are centered at the crown. The color is equally applied with a plan for various effects and styling options.
Lower layers and upper layers of the dark base are painted with streaks of hot berry pink and black. Depending on the direction of the hair flow these highlights communicate different patterns and feelings.
various effects hair color
When styled from back to front the lower layers take over and create a choppy and energetic surface.
Straight down the beauty of the long upper layers comes out in all its multicolored radiance.
For an especially extravagant look the longer sheets are all pulled together in front to form a high, sculpted forehead.
Collection: Ambience
Hair & Products: Farouk Systems