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Pick your mood and let the hair radiate the Ambiance. Soft round lines are cut in harmony with the natural flow and curve of the hair and come out as this voluminous and versatile style. One cut comes in four charismatic dimensions. The every day version has long, silky smooth layers that are curled to form large, regular waves.
Here the artistic coloring of the style becomes most visible. Blonde highlights are applied to darker hair in a circular fashion in the crown as the center. Sections in a reddish tone appear in the fringe and on the sides.
one haircut for different styles haircut with many styling options broad spiral curls
As a variation the hair, except for the bangs was curled wildly into smaller curls and waves. The volume was lifted to mid-height. With the help of styling products that curls are well defined and separated and strong enough to hold their position.
With less product, some teasing and effectfully arranging colored strands around the face this looks becomes a softer edge. Broad spiral curls that fall around the face like chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon ribbons are another ravishing look based on the same base cut.
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