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Saint Algue

Hairstyles Spring Summer 2009

  • bob haircut with tapered ends
  • ponytail
  • shoulder-length hairstyle with curls
  • short layered men's hairstyle
  • tousled ravished look
  • hairstyle with flat iron styling
  • hairstyle with outward sweeps
  • short hair styled wild
  • long hairstyle with a strong fringe
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These soft, yet sassy, hairstyles of Saint Algue salon are what're predicted for Spring and Summer 2009. The collection features soft shapes and flattering layers, without any heavily "styled" looks.
The waves and curls are natural-looking and the colors are rich, yet never look artificial. The look is one of healthy hair with a truly organic feel, as if you just rolled out of bed looking fantastic.
Artistic Director: Cathy Monnier for Saint Algue
Make-up: L. Drouen
Photography: G-M. Zimmermann
Styling: A. Tesson
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