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Shoulder-Length Hairstyle

Here we have a high-volume, shoulder-length hairdo cut with a long-layer technique. The rich, chocolate brown color is filled with subtle undertones and highlights that give a depth and warmth to the color and provides the perfect backdrop for the loose curly hairstyle.
With the topmost layering falling to cheek level, the remaining layers are closely tapered and create a gently-rounded silhouette when the curl is added.
The style is best crafted using a roller set. Whether that roller set is a wet set or performed using heated rollers on dry hair is entirely the wearer's option. Once the curl is created (using large rollers) the hair can be brushed out with a wide toothed brush or the fingers to arrange the curls into defined tendrils as seen.
Collection: Spring Summer
Artistic Director: Cathy Monnier for Saint Algue
Make-up: L. Drouen
Photography: G-M. Zimmermann
Styling: A. Tesson
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