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Shine - Neck Length Hairstyle

Long layers are jutting forward to tickle her cheeks with plenty of gorgeous texture. A wild frame for a sexy face. The fringe is wonderfully thick and sits just at the the top of her eye. Sides are styled over a round brush to increase the volume and to give them that tempting twist forward.
With the distinct highlights the warm brown tone seems to be set on fire, just as her surroundings will be when she walks by. Use a hot iron to get the sleek and shiny surface, modeling paste or clay will accentuate and keep the shape. But use the latter sparingly.
Collection: Vision
Hair: Patrick Kalle and team
Make-up: Lydia Thann
Stylist: Marco Marcus
Clothes: Mango, Marlene Birger, Hester Slaman
Photography: Ivo Rikkert
Products: Farouk Systems Group
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