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Shimmer - Long Red Hair

If you go red, you might as well go all the way and skip the subtle tones. This is a big, fabulous, daring and absolutely worship worthy red. The tone is somewhere between succulent berries and a rich red wine, kissed by a sunset. Definitely not a color to be overlooked. Just as the cut. Daring and memorable.
The density on top with the heavy rounded fringe and the satiny sleekness moves into a narrower silhouette around the neck, which features intricate texture and all finds its happy ending with the outward turned tips and their feathery soft texture.
Collection: Vision
Hair: Patrick Kalle and team
Make-up: Lydia Thann
Stylist: Marco Marcus
Clothes: Mango, Marlene Birger, Hester Slaman
Photography: Ivo Rikkert
Products: Farouk Systems Group
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