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Shimmer - Chin Length Hairstyle

Posh goes the bob in this sleek and face hugging version. Classy and elegant with the perfectly tailored lines, this exclusive hairstyle makes us swoon with its clear lines that harbor a complex cut and design. Precise cutting and inspiration without end made this masterpiece possible.
Some of the allure is in the diagonal fringe, textured with finesse and falling in a very flattering curve across her face. At the lower end the sides curl in just underneath the chin and a couple of longer strands break the mold for a little edgy tease. A rich, warm, reddish brown is illuminated with sprinkles of gold.
Collection: Vision
Hair: Patrick Kalle and team
Make-up: Lydia Thann
Stylist: Marco Marcus
Clothes: Mango, Marlene Birger, Hester Slaman
Photography: Ivo Rikkert
Products: Farouk Systems Group
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