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Cool Base Tone Hair Color

Anke's base color is a mineral dark brown. A trend color that is recognized only at second glance. The tips of the hair and the mid section are completely painted and transition from the exterior warm hue to the cool base tone.


By layering and strongly texturing the hair, this transition is picked up again. The hair was deliberately not thinned out to enable diverse styling solutions with a clean cut. The haircut is oriented on clear geometry, framing the face and enhancing the back of the head with a long section phasing out.
To style the hair was blow dried after treating it with a protein crème, which gives lightness, stability, shine and protection. The finish was accomplished with heat-styling, styling crème, hairspray and finger techniques.
Collection: Hairstyles 2008-2009
Creative Director: Alexander Seidel
Assistants: Claudia Grenz, Rafaele Stohwasser, Tobias Strunz
Photo: Medien-Galerie A. Seidel
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