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Hair Rolled over Papillotes

The basic coloring is a matte, iridescent, deep-brown hue. It was refined with tone-on-tone colored paintings to create a glamorous expression. The color is very natural, that only shows its true, luxurious trait when looked at close-up.

The layering of the existing cut was improved with precision while repeating the proportions of Jennifer's face and optimizing them. The bangs were cut in a light flow to form a base for the following styling of the curls.
The long hair is twirled and rolled over papillotes, enhanced with volume providing mousse. After drying the hair is styled with a good dose of shine spray.
Collection: Hairstyles 2008-2009
Creative Director: Alexander Seidel
Assistants: Claudia Grenz, Rafaele Stohwasser, Tobias Strunz
Photo: Medien-Galerie A. Seidel
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