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Bleached and Colored Hair

As a first step Christina's hair was bleached, to extract the old color. It was replaced by an individually created hue of the Wella's line "Inspire". It is made of a mix of base color and color granules. You see a cool blonde, that is a bit darker at the roots and transitions to a lighter hue. That makes the long section glow. In addition subtle strands were set in pink to enhance the color appeal and the fashion standard.

The haircut bases on the classic bob and follows an asymmetrical line. It's layers were textured.
The layers are very important when it comes to styling, creating a natural lightness. The hair is treated with a moisturizing styling lotion. With the help of a flat iron and a shine providing oil free crème the creation is finally styled with finger techniques.
Collection: Hairstyles 2008-2009
Creative Director: Alexander Seidel
Assistants: Claudia Grenz, Rafaele Stohwasser, Tobias Strunz
Photo: Medien-Galerie A. Seidel
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