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Fashionable Short Haircut

Two haircuts on one head and geometrical bangs. A slanting line conceals the forehead. The first time for the HairSzenario specialists to present their collection with 2 cuts on one head. Convex and concave shapes determine the fashionable attributes.
Wash hair with HairSzenario luxury product's "regain" shampoo, afterwards add "volume energizer" into hair and blow dry hair straight at low heat into the direction of growth and cut. It is important to consult with the hairstylist to which side the heavy part of the bangs should be combed.
Fashionable short hairstyle - back view
Fashionable short hairstyle - side view
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Collection: Nullkommanix
Hair: HairSzenario Creative Team with Martina Möller, Katrin Sosinka, Sabrina Jäger
Make up: Elisabeth Rammler
Styling: Uschi Hohmann
Photographer: Fotodesign Walter M. Rammler
Hair products and color: Wella
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