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Long Hair with Vitality

This hairstyle comes out best with shoulder length or even longer hair. HairSzenario Luxury Product's styling crème "vita" is evenly distributed in damp hair, then strands are separated all around (the thinner the strands the more intense the waves will be), the strands are twisted tight and doused with the elasticity enhancer "elastic".
Then the hair is dried using a diffuser to limit the air movement, after drying the hair is shaken out forward, ruffled with hands and then smoothed out on the surface with the fingers.
Collection: Nullkommanix
Hair: HairSzenario Creative Team with Martina Möller, Katrin Sosinka, Sabrina Jäger
Make up: Elisabeth Rammler
Styling: Uschi Hohmann
Photographer: Fotodesign Walter M. Rammler
Hair products and color: Wella
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