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Mother and Daughter Hairstyles

Mother Silje: A classical, yet beautiful cut for medium to long length hair with different lengths. Different highlighting foiling techniques and use of mild bleach on the T-section gives the hair a fresh and feminine finish.
Daughter Lisa: A classical bob and natural blonde hair.
Collection: Hairshop Collection 2008
Hair: Nikita Creative Team with Oddhild H. Lødøen, Noreen Hayat, Jeanette Knutsen, Monica Stokkeland and Kerry Bartaby
Make up: Laila H. Pettersen and Heidi Karoline Siljan
Styling: Victoria Pernille Walderstøen
Photographer: Arild Brun Kjeldaas
Text: Heidi Karoline Siljan and Oddhild H. Lødøen
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