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Edgy Short Hairstyle

A similar, but slightly more edgy hairstyle for Silje: this style is shorter, and within the cut various techniques have been used on the ends of the hair to create this effect. With the use of different stylist products one may achieve a completely different look with this style.
Collection: Hairshop Collection
Hair: Nikita Creative Team with Oddhild H. Lødøen, Noreen Hayat, Jeanette Knutsen, Monica Stokkeland and Kerry Bartaby
Make up: Laila H. Pettersen and Heidi Karoline Siljan
Styling: Victoria Pernille Walderstøen
Photographer: Arild Brun Kjeldaas
Text: Heidi Karoline Siljan and Oddhild H. Lødøen
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