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Full-Volume Up-Style

This full-volume up-style is deceptively simple-looking and builds on a multi-layered French twist to create a bold, charming look. The hair is carefully smoothed and directed to the crown of the head to create a sleek bouffant egg. The top section of the hair is curled and backcombed to give maximum lift and fullness in the stop portion of the style.
The smooth, ovoid shape of the up-style is accentuated by the nearly-hidden under-curl at the crown and the artfully crafted chain of hair along the left side of the style. This is a lovely style and would be ideal for a fancy-dress gala or perhaps a baroque-style wedding.
Sleek bouffant egg up-style
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Collection: Intercoiffure Austria 2008
Hairstyle: Intercoiffure Austria
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