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Neck-Length Hairstyle

This neck-length layered haircut is perfect for the active woman who wants some freedom in styling and easier-to-care-for looks. Long layering creates a balanced look with curlier styles, while the length allows for the creation of smooth, soft curves.
For the smoother look, the hair can be blown-out with a large round brush and directed to form a soft "C" to frame the face. The side part allows the formation of a flattering fringe that curves and accentuates the eyes, while the lower layering brings the mouth and neck into relief.
In photo eight, we see the same cut with a more organic style. The hair is blown out with a diffuser attached and the natural curl is maintained by scrunching (or when needed created by using a roller set or heated tools). Softly wound coils give the hair a soft romantic look, even though the length is low-maintenance.
Youthful hairstyles
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Collection: Winter 2008-2009 Hairstyles
Hair: Team John Beerens Hairstudio - Tilburg
Hairproducts: CHI by Farouk Systems USA
Make-up: Kelly Koorn for Pupa
Photography: Paul Bekkers
Apparel: Gio-Goi