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Easy Prom Hair

The best alternative to the classic up styled prom hair is a mane as powerful as this. Long layers are already in the hair and all that is needed is a good styling. As luxurious as it looks, the finish is actually quite easy and with some skill and perhaps another pair of helping hands, you might be able to do it yourself.
When the hair is semi dry, apply some mousse and roll it all on large curlers. Draw a very long side part so that the mass of hair falls to one side. The curls are gently mussed and styled with the fingers for a natural feel and good definition. A bit of shine spray, or if you dare even a gentle mist of glitter will take this look out of orbit.
Collection: Peaches goes to Prom
Hair: Barrie Stephen, Barrie Stephen Hair, Leicester
Photographer: John Rawson
Make-up: Liz Rochford
Clothes: Bernard Connolly
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