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Shoulder-Length Blunt-cut Bob

This shoulder-length, blunt-cut bob is a classic cut, down to and including the hard-edged horizontal fringe. The ends are softened slightly with a razor for texture, but the big twist is in the styling. While the majority of the style is smooth, straight and glassy finishes, the stylist threw in a ripple - two in fact.

The wave pattern consists of two swells and a dip in between, creating a focal point that draws the eyes along the horizontal plane at the eye and cheek levels. These elements add breadth to an otherwise longish face and help to secure an oval silhouette. The look was most likely achieved by using a blow-out and flat-ironing to create the base smoothness, and the addition of a waving iron to give the bends in the target areas.
Hairstyle to add breadth to a longish face
Collection: Wiosna-Lato 2008
Hair: Berendowicz&Kublin Academy of Hair Design
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