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Roller Set Look

The classic pageboy look is elevated to high art through the application of geometrically enhanced curls. The roller set look has long edges and sharper bends that imply the use of triangular or cubic styling tools. The long layered haircut allows for an even distribution of volume throughout the style and keeps the look balanced while adding tremendous amounts of visual interest.

The hairstyle was likely achieved through a wet set with firm hold product, dried under a hooded dryer and carefully combed out to retain the shape in the top and sides. A misting of hairspray would smooth the hair and allow it to be directed into the sculpted configuration shown. The lower portions of the hair at the back and nape areas show the signs of smaller tools being used to create more curl to add volume where there was less bulk of hair.
Hairstyle achieved through a wet set
Collection: Wiosna-Lato 2008
Hair: Berendowicz&Kublin Academy of Hair Design
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