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Men's Style for Very Curly Hair

In our men's style for this collection, we see a layered cut executed on a head full of curls. The tapered lengths with a rounded top and crown are meant to manage the bulk and volume of the hair. As a result, the haircut is ideally suited to very curly hair types.
As with most curly hairstyles, it is critical to exercise care with styling (particularly drying) in order to minimize the frizz and fuzziness that can result from overly-dry curly hair.
Use a diffused hair dryer and leave-in conditioner and never attempt to fully dry the hair. A light-hold styling product can offer control and manageability for curly hair and can be freshened up with a simple spritz of water or extra leave-in conditioner and scrunching to add definition and control fuzz.
Collection: Romantic Look
Hairstyle: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team
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