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Medusan Hair Style

Once again we see the rich glowing color of the strawberry blonde hair and the short layered haircut and the progression of cut and style continues in this Medusan coif of snaky curls. The weight-lined cut with the lower layers is once again the base for the hairstyle we see here.
Most easily achieved with the use of rollers, this hairstyle can also be created using a curling wand (or wands of differing sizes for a natural looking curl pattern). The curled hair should be gently backcombed for volume and gently arranged using a wide tooth comb or pick and the fingers.
A light mist of hairspray, followed by gentle scrunching will give the curls definition and allow you to mold and shape the hair gradually into the silhouette you desire. Use the longer tendrils in random spots as accent strands and accessorize the style to your satisfaction.
Collection: Evolution
Hairstyle: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team
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