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Slender Curls

Building on the razor cut bob, this fine-haired look evolves into a careful arrangement of sweeps and curls. The upper section of the hair is styled smooth to follow the contours of the head, while the ends are carefully sculpted into knots and masses of curling ribbon tendrils.
These slender curls are ideal for showing off the luminescence of the golden blonde color. The light makes the hair glow while the shadow deepens the inner layers giving depth and interplay to the varied shades that make up the color.
Use a blow-dryer (diffused) to create the basic contours and well protected strands can then be sculpted using a large barrel iron for crisp, clean curls. Lightly mist with spray and scrunch for definition and a firm hold.
Collection: Evolution
Hairstyle: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team
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