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Short Layered Haircut

Smoldering like a Caribbean sunset, we revisit the strawberry blonde hair as the hairstyle is transformed into a short-layered cut with a defined weight line supported by smooth layering in a curved line below. The fringe area is again extended to the sides of the face offering a wide frame for the features.
The styling consists of light blow-drying to create smooth curves in the upper layers of the hair, while the layers below the weight line are curled to maximize the volume and widen the style. The upper portion of the hair may also be wrapped on very large rollers to create the soft curves desired, while the lower layers are wrapped on rollers of decreasing diameter to create a graduated level of curl as you go lower.
Once dry, the hair should be brushed out and styled into a softly-flared arrangement.
Collection: Evolution
Hairstyle: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team
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