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Short Curly Hair

Here we have a beautiful blonde style in the color of fresh cream, whipped into a confection of a hairstyle. The look starts with a short, layered circle cut, modified with shorter sides tapering around the ears.
The hair can be either naturally curly or rolled on medium-sized tools to create the volume needed. If natural, dry the hair with a diffused dryer and vented brush to direct the hair up and back along the sides.
Use ample product to enhance the hold and shape of the hairstyle and an extra dab after the style is set to add definition and reshape where desired. Mist with hairspray to secure the finished look.
If you're creating the curl along with the styling, brush out the set curls carefully, preserving the wave and movement in the top, crown and nape areas. If you lose more curl than desired, a light misting of spray gel or leave-in conditioner and a gentle scrunch should reassert the curl. Just be mindful that too much moisture of any kind will kill the curl and ruin the effect.
Collection: Evolution
Hairstyle: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team
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