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Disconnected Fringe

This image and the smooth flat hair, geometric up-style and the hairstyle with volume show the exceptional styling versatility of the "disconnected fringe" haircut by the BUNDY BUNDY artistic team. Named for the unusually executed fringe of the style the hair is cut into sections of contrasting lengths with a variety of elements that serve to make the cut both versatile and unforgettable.
The forward portions of the top and side sections are cut into a blunt, but slightly curved fringe that extends from a point behind one ear to a point just behind the other. The side portions where the hair is formed into fringe include undercutting in the side burn area. This removes bulk and allows the hair to lie in uniform thickness all around the head. The remainder of the top and sides, as well as the crown and nape areas, is cut with layers.
The long hair is styled to emphasize the layers and the overall design of the hair. The fringe is kept smooth as a base for the look, while the longer, layered sections are blown out using a texturing product to give the layered sections definition and enhance the colored accent strands. Blow-dry using a round brush and a texturing product, then take a dab of product and rake it through the hair with your fingers to separate and create strands.
Collection: Metamorphoses
Hairstyle: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team
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