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80s Inspired Retro Hairstyle

Again, the base cut from photos one and two is used here in a third incarnation of style. Combining low-volume styling on the sides and nape sections with high-volume styling and shaping in the top and crown, the stylist creates a 80s inspired retro hairstyle imitating the new-wave looks popularized in that era.
The sides and nape sections are likely blown-out straight using a paddle brush, followed by possible flat-iron smoothing. The forward portions of the side sections are slicked back and tucked behind the ears. The forward portion of the top section is also smoothed out to follow the scalp and is tucked behind the ear on the left side of the face.
The rear portion of the top and the crown sections are then styled using round brush to provide lift and create a curvature forward to angle over the brow. A strong-hold styling product applied before drying/styling gives support and structure, while a light misting of hairspray offers hold to the finished hairstyle.
Collection: Back to the Future
Hairstyle: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team
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