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Hair Color Effects

Be prepared to dazzle everyone you meet with this exciting asymmetrical haircut. Incorporating bold colors and custom application techniques, the style uses hard cutting lines to create a clearly defined outline for the color effects. With blends of grape and fuchsia against a beige blonde canvas, the hair color is the focal identity of the look shown.
To get this style, the hair is likely styled from towel-dry status using the CHI Wet-to-Dry Iron with CHI Straight Guard for the sleek, sharp finish. To keep the vibrancy and definition of the color, use CHI's Infra Shampoo and Ionic Color Lock Treatment. These great products from Farouk Systems will help to seal in vibrant colors and prevent color bleed from these non-traditional color procedures.
Collection: Ode to Couture - Farouk Systems
Hairstyle: Farouk Systems Group
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