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Wedge Silhouette & Curls

The classic bob cut is the foundation for this full-volume wedge silhouette. The interplay of pale, cool highlight color and dark neutral low-lighting emphasize the definition of the curls that make up the style. Wind clean and conditioned hair (using the Sunglitz shampoo and conditioner from BIOSILK) around medium-sized rollers using thin slices to maximize the curl, shift to smaller rollers as you work your way down to the bottom edges of the hair.
Use a generous amount of BIOSILK Mousse to give hold and soft styling. Dry the hair as desired, though preferably under a hooded dryer on low heat. Once the curls are set and cooled, remove the rollers and use a pick or your fingers to expand the curls and create the full wedge arrangement shown.
A finer-toothed comb can be used to smooth and direct the fringe area and break down roller marks at the scalp, but use the comb sparingly. A light misting of CHI Shine Infusion and a gentle scrunch with the fingertips is all that's needed to give a finishing touch of definition to the curl.
curls created with rollers
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Collection: Ode to Couture - Farouk Systems
Hairstyle: Farouk Systems Group
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