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Shimmering Red-Blonde Hair

Long, layered strands and a curved, side-swept fringe combine with a warm, shimmering red-blonde to create a sophisticated, yet sultry look. The hairstyle can be achieved with freshly washed hair using Sunglitz Natural Shine Enhancement Shampoo and Sunglitz Natural SunSealer Daily Conditioner. To towel-dried hair apply a generous application of Biosilk Mousse and begin blow-dry styling the upper sections of the hair with a round brush.
Once the fringe and scalp areas of the hair are mostly-dry, wrap the ends of the long-layers around medium to large Velcro rollers and secure them at the sides of the head with off-base placement. Dry the hair fully, preferably under a hooded dryer on low heat. Allow the hair to cool and remove the rollers. Smooth the fringe and top of the head with a brush, but use the fingers to draw out the curls.
A pick or wide-tooth comb can be used to re-direct the shorter lengths to frame the face. The goal is to keep the curl as intact as possible, so avoid combing and brushing out the full length of the hair. A dab of Biosilk Mousse spread through the palms and fingers can be used to scrunch the hair and re-define some of the curl if it gets to diffuse.
Collection: Ode to Couture - Farouk Systems
Hairstyle: Farouk Systems Group
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