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This soft, sensual up-style, crafted in golden-blonde hair features a side part in the foreground and a softly swept fringe to frame the face. The sides of the head, the crown and the back are gathered where the nape and crown meet, forming a romantic fall of curls that cling to the curves of the skull like ivy.
To create the look, start by rolling damp hair, treated with BIOSILK Mousse in a full roller set using medium-to-small-sized rollers using at least three sizes rollers interspersed to give a natural look. Once the curls are dry, remove the rollers and gently carefully pick out the curls to fluff them and build volume. Gather all the hair but for a couple of inches around the perimeter at the lower crown and twist it into a loose bun.
Secure the hair with pins, combs and clips as needed and free tendrils to camouflage the tools used. Smooth the remaining hair back section by section to the gather at the crown and pin it into place leaving the ends free to curl and build the mass shown. Generous applications of hairspray will help to ensure a smooth finish and a beautifully coiffed look.
Collection: Ode to Couture - Farouk Systems
Hairstyle: Farouk Systems Group
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