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Young Men's Hairstyle

This darkly handsome young man boasts a head full of thick sable hair which is cut into a short shaggy layered cut with deeply-angled razor thinning to remove the bulk and enable versatile styling for varied settings.
The hairstyle features targeted color in a vivid peacock-turquoise blue at the crown and upper nape giving a back-lit halo effect to the overall look. The burst of color enhances the rich brown color of the eyes.
The style is best achieved using a blow-dryer and a brush with a generous application of BIOSILK Mousse. Dry the hair to a mostly dry state and use extra dabs of mousse to create the texture and spikes as shown. Use CHI's Ionic Color Lock Treatment to keep the color looking brilliant.
Collection: Ode to Couture - Farouk Systems
Hairstyle: Farouk Systems Group
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