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Wings Look Hairstyle

The wings or fly-back look of the late seventies is making a comeback in a big way. The lightly layered hairstyle (consisting primarily of layering around the fringe, face and forward edges of the hair, while the rest of the hair is cut in a blunt style) is styled with a wonderful outward bend to create a flip on the ends that halos the face giving the effect of unfolding wings along the sides of the head.
In this instance, the style also includes a back-angled side part and the fringe is upturned to meet the wings on the dominant side. Apart from the bended wings, the hair is styled to lie smoothly and look sleek and silky.
It should be noted by those old enough to remember the first time this look was popular, that the wings are more subtle now, instead of the almost head-engulfing wings of the previous incarnation. It is also noted that the layered portions of the hair are textured using either a razor or a finely-executed point-cutting technique to give the ends of the hair a feathered appearance.
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Hair: Cebado
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