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Smooth Styling in the Top

The Maiden of the Mists might have looked like this. The hairstyle is created on a basic long, blunt cut. The angled parting and smooth styling in the top and crown give way to a cascade of light bulk and an increase in volume. The style calls to mind a waterfall with the shroud of mists clinging to the falling waters.
To create this look the hair should be rolled in tight curls or twisted up into coils (perhaps as a part of the styling in photo two) while damp and allowed to dry. Once set, take down the twists and use a pick, fingers or wide-tooth comb to fluff the hair and direct the shape. Use a dab of product to keep the upper segments of the hair smooth and to add definition as needed in the voluminous portions.
Collection: Bundy Bundy Hairstyles
Hairstyle: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team
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