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Style with Drawn-Out Curls

This is a hairstyle that evokes the image of the soaring valkyrie sweeping across a battlefield - or at least something equally dramatic. The deep red tones of the hair add depth and fire to the wavy texture of the drawn-out curl. The hair is cut in a layered fashion to balance and distribute the volume and is styled to take maximum advantage of the natural wave.
To create this look, apply a liberal amount of wax-based styling product to towel-dried hair and use a diffused blow-dryer to get the hair "mostly-dry" raking the hair back from the sides and face using your fingers. If needed, a light misting of hair spray and a gentle squeeze with help restrain any bursts of frizz and keep the controlled, textured look.
Collection: Bundy Bundy Hairstyles
Hairstyle: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team
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