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Curls that Caress the Cheeks

This long-layered hairstyle is created on a canvas of buttery-blonde hair. We're talking Marilyn-blonde, or Jayne Mansfield-blonde. This is the kind of blonde that demands that heads turn and eyes follow you when you glide across the floor of a room.
The style features a center part and large, loose curls that caress the cheek and draw focus to the cupid bow mouth. To get this look the hair is wound well off-base on large rollers using a strong-hold product. Once dried, the curls are combed out using the fingers or a large-tooth pick. If needed a dab of pomade can be spread along the fingers and used to redefine the curls. This is a hairstyle to which many women aspire but few can manage to wield effectively.
Collection: Bundy Bundy Hairstyles
Hairstyle: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team
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