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Forward Angled Line Hairstyle

This golden blonde hairstyle is created using a medium long layered haircut, known in earlier decades as a shag (and know other times by different names). The difference in this shag versus the traditional one is the forward angled line of the stationary guide. This creates a gently sloping angle to the layers that frames the face.
The hair is styled using the basic blow-out technique and will use a diffuser if needed to maintain the integrity of any natural wave in the hair, or will use a styling tool to add curl as desired. The lower layers of the hair are the focus of any curling, and the curls are crafted to maintain as much definition as possible without losing the softness and looseness characterized by the look.
A light application of smoothing serum adds definition to the hair, without redefining the curls.
Collection: New Bohemia
Hairstyle: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team
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