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Native American Inspired Hair

This work of "hair art" could be called "Beauty on the Warpath" for its resemblance to and influence from the looks of the Native American warriors of the Iroquois tribe and others.
The silhouette of the hairstyle is vertically emphasized, with carefully up-swept sides and increased volume and interest in the top section of the head. The hair is gathered into what looks to be a top-knot bun, while segments at the forward top are retained and crafted into curving ribbons to accentuate the style.
Additional segments from the top portion at the parietal ridge are isolated for bold accent coloring and carved into ornamentation and draped like the feathered ornaments used in tribal societies to denote status, influence and sometimes simply for fashionable reasons.
Collection: New Bohemia
Hairstyle: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team
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