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Smoothed Back

This third style of the "red cut" is the most-structured of the three. The hair is divided into four main sections: top and fringe, left side, right side, and crown and nape. The hair is blown-out to a mostly dry state and then the hairstyle is constructed. Use a strong-hold product such as a wax-based mousse or similar style of product.
Start with the side sections and smooth them back toward the crown of the head and secure the hair at the crown. The next stage is to style the hair in the crown area and smooth it forward to curve along the side of the face. The final section in the top and front should be backcombed lightly to create a little lift in the front and then smoothed back to cover the crown and obscure the anchor points there.
Collection: Black and White
Hairstyle: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team
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