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Wild Up Style

Sometimes, you have to go wild and this is a style that can take you there. Built on the cut used for photo one and photo two, this hairstyle makes use of the inherent structural stability of very curly hair to create a bold, geometric up style that will never fail to draw attention.
Even with the unusual nature of the look (and this is admittedly NOT a style that will appeal to the mainstream woman) the style does work to meet the needs of any style: The horizontal base line of the triangular side shape draws the attention to the model's eyes while the cylindrical shape elevated at a skewed angle gives a counterbalance to the style and minimizes the appearance of roundness in the features by drawing the attention upward.
The construction of this hairstyle requires strong hold product, blow-dry styling and lots of backcombing, pins and accessories. If you have a mind to recreate this look, plan to practice up-styling techniques and backcombing techniques for a few days before you need to have a finished look.
Collection: Black Label
Hairstyle: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team
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