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Elegant Short Woman's Haircut

Looks like it's time to update the pixie cut. This very short woman's haircut is still versatile and perfect for the woman who wants to present a chic, no-nonsense image but still be able to create a casual, or elegant look. The hair is cut into short layers that taper from short to long as you move up along the head. The longest lengths are in the top and crown areas and the perimeter is cut with clean, concise lines.
The ends of the hair are textured using a point cutting technique to give a finely-detailed finish to the hairstyle. In this style the hair is likely plied with strong-hold gel while wet and blown-out to a mostly-dry state. While the hair is still tacky, it is combed into the desired configuration with a large-tooth comb and the fingers. The hair's natural wave is preserved and used to enhance the lines of the style.
Collection: Black Label
Hairstyle: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team
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