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Intense Volume

Intense volume and structure in a hairstyle always makes a statement. Here we see the same short haircut as used in photo three and photo four, but styled for a maximum of lift, volume and hold. The hairstyle shows a boldness of spirit and courage to make a statement. It also clearly shows the level of texturing and the cutting angles of the base cut upon which the style is created.
To get this look, you need to use a strong hold styling product applied to the hair before drying and additional layers of product to reinforce the structure and help install rigidity in the hair so that the hair shafts can support the weight of the length.
The hair is backcombed or ruffed with a brush at the scalp area to help build a foundation to support the volume. A light mist of hairspray and a bit of scrunching adds definition to the strands and reinforces the strength of the hold.
Collection: Black Label
Hairstyle: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team
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