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Chin-Length Bob

Here we have a chin-length, stacked bob with eye-length fringe. The hair is textured to ensure a smooth contouring of the weight line and to enhance the smoothness of the styling. Visual interest comes from the depth of the color in the high- and low-lighting. The haircut is sleek, smooth and professional. It's a chic, no-nonsense attitude.
The styling is best accomplished using a blow-dryer and round brush, and the hair is plied with light hold product and smoothing serum. As the forward locks of hair on the sides are tucked behind the ears, the concave shape created enhances the look of the cheekbones and the face. A dab of smoothing serum spread over the palms and run down over the hair ensures shine and a smooth finish.
Collection: Black Label
Hairstyle: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team
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