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Very Curly Hair

Many women with natural curl feel completely at a loss as to the options available for their hard to manage hair. If it's too short, it becomes a bubble, left long it turns into a pyramid. It takes a skilled stylist to give very curly hair shape without resorting to creating topiary arrangements. Here we see a smoothly layered hairstyle in very curly hair that controls the bulk and gives a natural, esthetically-pleasing shape.
The base cut is a blunt bob, with box layering to reduce the bulk at the ends of the hair. The fringe is left longer and adds its own focus to balance the volume of the hair. The styling method is likely performed with a diffused dryer and scrunching with the fingers using a moderate-hold gel and smoothing serum.
The hair can be dried to a "mostly-dry" state and then the fingers can be used to wind the hair into ringlets and allowed to air dry completely. This offers a longer holding for curly hair and minimum frizz, as well as volume control.
Collection: Black Label
Hairstyle: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team
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