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Short Unisex Haircut "Grit"

How to cut hair for a short unisex hairstyle How to cut - Step 1
The bangs are cut symmetrically or asymmetrically.
How to cut - Step 2
V-shaped separation from the back of the head to the weakest point of the contour. Calibrate the hair in the neck area following diagonal lines. Pull the hair behind the ear, to lengthen the neck. Continue this calibration with a round leading line up to the back of the head while pulling back the sides as well.
How to cut - Step 3
The partion on the upper head is done in a star shape from the crown, lengthening to the forehead. This length is cut as an overhang and designed smoothly all the way to the bangs by softening the lines.
How to color
How to apply the tones for hair coloring Female medium length to short hair makeover How the hair model's bangs are being cut Side view unisex haircut with long bangs
Hair: P.A.M. Hair Style Germany
Photographer: Thommy Mardo
Collection: Urban Experiment