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Hairstyle for a Fuller Face

In the revisiting of our medium length ginger style you can clearly see the similarities in the two looks. The latter being simply a "puffed-up" version of the original look. But notice how the added volume creates a softer, more feminine look in the silhouette, and enhances the depth and dimension of the color variance in the hair.
In addition look how the added volume and the redirection of the lines of the fringe serve to widen the appearance of the face as a whole, making the face appear fuller than in the previous styling. This is a prime example of how styling the hair can help you create a different look in more than the hair itself.
Collection: Tzar Collection
Hair: Sanrizz International Artistic Team
Photography: Andres Reynaga
Styling: Elisa Heinesen
Make up: Ginni Bogado
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