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Short Feminine Garçon Haircut

    gar�on hair cut feminine shortcut hair hairstyle that brings focus to the face Mia Farrow look short haircut

With a new design the garçon cut conquers the season.
Less is more. And at the same time extremely feminine. Proof is the new shortcut. Its trademarks: the very short bangs and a generally compact shape. The succinct contours bring focus to the face. An expressive look for power-women. Restrained but yet powerful.
The shimmering side-by-side of iridescent blond tones colorfully enhances the style. Famous forerunners are film divas like Mia Farrow, who, with her garçon style, represented a new female image in the 60s.
Collection: Hair Fashion Spring/Summer
Copyright: Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks
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