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Bi-Chromatic Hairstyle

This bi-chromatic hairstyle-turned-artwork is a short bob cut featuring a long fringe with a smoothly curved cutting line, a deep angle parting and specifically targeted color application that is blended in the styling process rather than in color application.
It appears that the top section of the head and at least a one-inch strip along the foreground of the left side is tinted with a vibrant purple shade, while the rest of the side and back are a pearly, near-white. A light gathering of strands of the white sections are pulled across the parting to create highlighting in the darker color for a slightly marbled effect, or the sense of feather soft blending of the color.
Collection: Revelation
Hair Styling: Tracey Hughes
Colour: Emma Baker
Photography: Taras Mohamed
Make-Up: Nathalie Pallandre
Stylist: Ryan Lobo
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