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Combed over Fringe

The theme of smooth, sleek, styling (with a touch of asymmetry) is repeated in this longer bob cut. The cut features a curved perimeter cut line with a deep angled parting and fringe that is combed over to create a concealing veil which hangs to the lips.
The side behind the part is tucked neatly behind the ear adding emphasis to the fringe and dominant side of the style. This gives a large, smooth canvas upon which is painted the finely drawn highlights in the rich, coppery auburn. This is a great hairstyle for those with high foreheads and other prominent facial features that want to be camouflaged or deemphasized.
Collection: Revelation
Hair Styling: Tracey Hughes
Colour: Emma Baker
Photography: Taras Mohamed
Make-Up: Nathalie Pallandre
Stylist: Ryan Lobo
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